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#DivDayDateKOFieldHome TeamAway Team
114 W1TueJun 621:00Villanova TurfKing City RoyalsKing City Titans
116 W1TueJun 621:00Innisfil Recreation Complex 1Innisfil SCThornhill Maccabi
115 W1TueJun 621:00Maple Reservoir South #1Vaughan Azzurri FCUM Strikers
117 W1ThuJun 821:00Huntington ParkThornhill MaccabiKing City Royals
119 W1TueJun 1321:00Villanova TurfKing City AttackInnisfil SC
120 W1TueJun 1321:00Maple Reservoir South #1Vaughan Azzurri FCKing City Titans
157 W1ThuJun 1521:00Innisfil Recreation Complex 1Innisfil SCVaughan Azzurri FC
118 W1ThuJun 1521:00Villanova TurfKing City UnitedKing City Attack
121 W1ThuJun 1521:00Huntington ParkThornhill MaccabiKing City Titans
122 W1SunJun 1819:00Berczy Park CentreUM StrikersKing City Royals
124 W1TueJun 2021:00Innisfil Recreation Complex 1Innisfil SCKing City Royals
125 W1TueJun 2021:00Villanova TurfKing City AttackUM Strikers
126 W1TueJun 2021:00McNaughton TurfVaughan Azzurri FCKing City United
123 W1ThuJun 2221:00Villanova TurfKing City UnitedThornhill Maccabi
128 W1TueJun 2721:00Villanova TurfKing City RoyalsVaughan Azzurri FC
129 W1ThuJun 2921:00McNaughton TurfVaughan Azzurri FCInnisfil SC
130 W1TueJul 421:00Villanova TurfKing City RoyalsKing City United
131 W1SunJul 919:00Berczy Park CentreUM StrikersKing City United
132 W1TueJul 1121:00Country Day School - Outdoor TurfKing City TitansVaughan Azzurri FC
133 W1TueJul 1121:00Villanova TurfKing City AttackKing City Royals
134 W1TueJul 1121:00Innisfil Recreation Complex 1Innisfil SCUM Strikers
135 W1ThuJul 1321:00Huntington ParkThornhill MaccabiKing City Attack
136 W1SunJul 1619:00Berczy Park CentreUM StrikersThornhill Maccabi
137 W1MonJul 1721:00Villanova TurfKing City TitansKing City Attack
138 W1TueJul 1821:00Villanova TurfKing City RoyalsThornhill Maccabi
139 W1TueJul 1821:00McNaughton TurfVaughan Azzurri FCKing City Attack
140 W1ThuJul 2021:00Huntington ParkThornhill MaccabiVaughan Azzurri FC
112 W1SunJul 2321:00Berczy Park CentreUM StrikersKing City Attack
142 W1MonJul 2421:00Country Day School - Outdoor TurfKing City TitansInnisfil SC
143 W1TueJul 2521:00Country Day School - Outdoor TurfKing City AttackKing City United
141 W1ThuJul 2721:00Country Day School - Outdoor TurfKing City UnitedKing City Titans
144 W1SunJul 3019:00Berczy Park CentreUM StrikersKing City Titans
145 W1MonJul 3121:00Villanova TurfKing City UnitedInnisfil SC
146 W1TueAug 121:00Villanova TurfKing City RoyalsUM Strikers
147 W1TueAug 121:00Innisfil Recreation Complex 1Innisfil SCKing City Attack
109 W1WedAug 221:00Villanova TurfKing City TitansKing City United
150 W1ThuAug 321:00Huntington ParkThornhill MaccabiInnisfil SC
148 W1TueAug 821:00Villanova TurfKing City RoyalsInnisfil SC
149 W1TueAug 821:00Country Day School - Outdoor TurfKing City UnitedVaughan Azzurri FC
151 W1SunAug 1319:00Berczy Park CentreUM StrikersVaughan Azzurri FC
154 W1TueAug 1521:00Villanova TurfKing City AttackThornhill Maccabi
155 W1TueAug 1521:00Innisfil Recreation Complex 1Innisfil SCKing City Titans
153 W1TueAug 1521:00Maple CCVaughan Azzurri FCKing City Royals
152 W1ThuAug 1721:00Country Day School - Outdoor TurfKing City TitansKing City Royals
156 W1ThuAug 1721:00Huntington ParkThornhill MaccabiKing City United
113 W1MonAug 2121:00Villanova TurfKing City TitansUM Strikers

The following game(s) have been marked as inactive and may be re-schedule by the league.

#DivisionDateKOFieldHome TeamAway Team
103 W1 2023-05-16 21:00 Innisfil Recreation Complex 1 Innisfil SC Vaughan Azzurri FC
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